Evan Kaucher Photography
Fine Art
Coming from an art influenced childhood, I gained a passion for visual arts at an early age. Whether it was the snap of the shutter or the roll of the film, I always seemed to be obsessed with capturing the moment however it was thrown at me, sometimes literally.

I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where I got my Bachelors of Art in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media. During my four years, I took what the city of Philadelphia had to offer, and ran with it. I got involved with the rich culture that pumped through its veins and overlooked the dirt and grime that mended it together.

In my final years, I got a broader prospective and studied at the Foundation for International Education in London, UK. Together as a group of twenty, we produced a music production magazine that shared stories of bands, venues, and people that we encountered during our term. The magazine otherwise known as JUMP, got printed and has gone on to become a larger production based out of Philadelphia, which I am still apart of.

As a photographer, I work with multiple companies and talented professionals, producing visual art that meets or exceeds clientsí expectations. I deal with studio and on location photography, with professional experience in production.

To sum it all up, Iím a happy, trigger happy, adrenaline junkie photographer who LOVES life. Photography is more of an obsession rather than career choice for me.